Charleys Steak Philly Cheesesteak pulled apart with melted cheese.

Kindness is the Main Ingredient

We all know that one act of kindness can go a long way! No matter how big or how small, one act of kindness has the power to change a person’s day and make them feel valued and cared for. Kindness is how we build happier, stronger, and more supportive communities. All Charleys Cheesesteaks restaurants and team members work to create a ripple effect and spread kindness beyond the walls of Charleys.


Since 1986, Charleys Cheesesteaks has known the importance of kindness and the change it can make. By prioritizing kindness in all of Charleys Cheesesteak restaurants, our teammates show overflowing care to one another and to our guests. Not only do we want to serve the best cheesesteaks, fries, and real-fruit lemonades we can – we also want guests to feel cared for and valued when they walk through the door. When a guest comes in and they’re greeted with a kind smile and a friendly “Welcome to Charleys!” they feel comfortable and respected. This type of environment is exactly what our teams work hard to create and maintain for all of our guests.


Overflowing care is one of our core values. We want to ensure we show kindness to everyone who. that make Charleys a success. Charleys has crafted standards for how teammates and guests should be treated. By following this standard, guests and teammates are valued, treated with overflowing care, and left feeling happy in a Charleys restaurant environment. When a guest comes through the door, they’re greeted with care and a kind smile to make them feel welcomed. When guests leave, we want them to be happy with their experience, and leaving with a full belly and smile.



How do we create ripples of kindness? With our attitudes! When we recognize teammate’s well-being, we’re living our values of Overflowing Care. Charleys franchise owners and managers strive to create a place where their teams feel comfortable, safe, and respected. Furthermore, we recognize our front line teammates’ great work by sending Flip Pin Amazing pins. We use these pins to recognize to staff members who demonstrate exemplary service and overflowing care. We show off our great attitudes to guests, too. If a guest needs help, our team wants to give them the best service we can give so the guest leaves with a smile on their face.


Charleys doesn’t just focus on the quality of our food – we want to make sure that guests have a great experience. We know that the guests who walk through our door are quality people who deserve to be treated with overflowing care. The goal of the atmosphere at Charleys is to create an inclusive experience that welcomes everyone. We add kindness to the mix and treat teammates with respect. Then, those teammates treat our guests with respect, creating a ripple effect. We like to focus on more than just that making delicious food and serving guests quickly. Our focus is to spread kindness all over, and that starts with the communication between our team and guests. 


We want to make sure that Charleys is a reliable place that people can count on. When guests come in, we want them to know that they’ll get a delicious cheesesteak and a happy atmosphere. By highlighting the ripple effect that comes with kindness, we ensure that it occurs every day for every guest and teammate. That’s how the ripple effect begins!


We welcome everyone who comes through our doors with a smile and kind words. By acknowledging the power of kindness and working to create a kind and happy experience for all, we have the opportunity to brighten people’s days. All of our guests to leave happier than when they came in. We hope that this creates a ripple effect, and that our guests pass along kindness to other people in their lives. This ripple effect can then effectively make this world a much more kind place to be.