Introducing…Charleys’ NEW Cinnamon Crunch Shake!

To celebrate the unofficial start of summer, Charley Cheesesteaks is launching the newest offering in our line of frozen treats! The Cinnamon Crunch shake is the perfect mix of sweet, creamy ice cream and cinnamon spice goodness.

What’s in the Cinnamon Crunch Shake?

Each Cinnamon Crunch Shake is carefully hand-blended and made to order. We blend sweet vanilla soft serve ice cream with real whole milk and Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ cereal. All shakes are topped with whipped cream.

Is that real Cinnamon Toast Crunch™?

Yes! Your favorite breakfast cereal pairs really well with ice cream. Remember the joy of eating cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons? Our Cinnamon Crunch Shake brings the same vibes.

How long will it be available?

The Cinnamon Crunch Shake is available for a limited time only, so get it this summer before it’s gone!

What does it pair with?

Everything! Our sweet frozen treats are the perfect way to polish off a meal at Charleys. Whether you’re ordering hot cheesesteaks, crispy salted fries, or spicy wings, a cold milkshake is a great way to top off your meal.

Where can I get the Cinnamon Crunch Shake?

Frozen treats at Charleys Cheesesteaks are only available in-store at select locations. If you want to try the Cinnamon Crunch shake, stop by your nearest participating Charleys and order in person. Right now, we do not offer frozen treats for online ordering at or through the Charleys Rewards app. Check the menu at your closest Charleys to see if your hometown offers frozen treats!