Charleys Cheesesteaks

What’s on the Charleys Cheesesteaks Secret Menu?

Obviously, Charleys does cheesesteaks really well. Whether you’re a fan of the classic cheesesteak or you prefer newer creations (like our ultimate fries) you’re going to find something on our menu that you love. But how can you customize your orders at Charleys? Look no further than our secret menu!

Our die-hard fans and team members have innovated our foods and created a secret menu for Charleys! We’re sharing some of our favorite Charleys menu hacks with you.

What is on the Charleys menu?

To menu hack, you have to know what we have to offer! Our menu offers are built around three staple items: cheesesteaks, fries, and real-fruit lemonade.

Our cheesesteaks are always made fresh in-house with fresh ingredients, including USDA choice steak, all-natural white meat chicken, and fresh veggies. Most of our cheesesteaks are topped with provolone cheese, although you can (and should!) customize with added mozzarella or cheddar cheese.

French fries are the perfect complement to a house-made original cheesesteak. Our original fries are made with natural cut potatoes, fries to crispy perfection, and seasoned with salt. If you’re looking for something suuuper indulgent, you can check out our gourmet fries. Those come with bacon, melted and shredded cheese, creamy ranch dressing, or sliced jalapenos.

Our real-fruit lemonades come in original, strawberry, blueberry, and peach flavors. This is the perfect sweet and refreshing drink to top off your meal and complements our savory cheesesteaks and fries.

How can I customize my Charleys order?

We encourage every guest to own their order and build a tasty masterpiece. You can get extra steak, chicken, or if you’re a meat lover, and add extra provolone, mozzarella, or cheddar cheese. You can double up on veggies like sliced green peppers, grilled onions, and mushrooms, or add jalapenos or banana peppers for some spice.

What’s on the Charleys secret menu?

Here are some of our favorite ways to hack the menu at Charleys Cheesesteaks. These are suggestions, so feel free to make your own custom creations and use these items for inspiration. If you order these, make sure to specify exactly how you want to customize your order.

Twist Lemonade

It’s honestly hard to choose our favorite lemonade flavor, so why not combine them? Order a large lemonade with 2/3 strawberry lemonade and 1/3 peach lemonade for a summery twist, or ½ strawberry lemonade with ½ original if you prefer the tartness of a classic lemonade.

Fries…on a Cheesesteak!

It’s amazing, we promise. Order a chicken cheesesteak with provolone cheese, add original fries with melted cheese sauce, plus grilled peppers and onions. If you’re feelin’ spicy you can add sliced jalapenos.

Teriyaki Veggie Delight

Charleys is for veggie lovers! One of our menu staples is the Veggie Delight, which is features peppers, onions, and mushrooms with provolone and cheddar cheese. If you want to add some zest to your veggie cheesesteak, ask for double veggies cooked in teriyaki sauce with provolone and Swiss cheese.

Buffalo Ranch Cheesesteak

Spicy chicken meets creamy goodness. Order our classic Chicken Buffalo cheesesteak (grilled chicken with peppers, onions, and buffalo sauce) with ranch dressing drizzled on top. Mozzarella is the perfect mellow addition to this cheesesteak if you want ooey gooey tastiness from your sandwich.

Remember, you can customize any cheesesteak or fries with extra meat, cheese, or veggies (charges may apply). If you have a favorite custom creation, post a pic on social with #CraveCharleys and tag us!